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Albertson Scotch Whisky 70 cl

A. Bulloch & Co.
Albertson is made from the mixture of malts and grain and has a minimum aging of 5 years.
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Artic Velvet Whisky 70 cl

Artic Velvet
Distilled in Lowlands, Scotland, this full-bodied whiskey is aged in Limousin oak barrels. This gives it its golden color and rich flavor, powerful and smoked. Combined with spring water over 2000 years with a pH of 9.38 from Greenland, it gives as a result an exceptionally smooth, perfectly balanced and harmonious whiskey.

Ballantines 70 cl

George Ballantine & Son Ltd. LA
Ballantine's Scotch whiskey is a centuries-old recipe which is appreciated by the harmony and balance that is achieved by combining the more than fifty malts that make it up.
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Bells 70 cl

Arthur Bell & Sons
Near the top 40 malt whiskeys aged in wheat and oak barrels, masterfully blended whiskey Bell's pair create a whiskey that is characterized by its rich aroma, tasty and lingering aftertaste.
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Bushmills Original 70 cl

Bushmills Dist
Whiskey Bushmills Original booked grain to slow ripening of at least five years in American oak barrels before blending with Irish Whiskey Single Malt to produce this original mixture. A mixture of our own distilled malt whiskey with grain whiskey Irish light. It is a mild whiskey with a rich flavor warming of fresh fruits, vanilla and honey
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Bushmills Irish Honey 1L

Bushmills Dist
Distilled three times in traditional copper stills, the finest Irish barley and water purest and crystalline. Bushmills is slowly matured for years in oak barrels crafted to produce a whiskey whose softness, aroma and flavor are renombradamente known worldwide.
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Clan Campbell 1L

S. Campbell & Son
Clan Campbell contains the least 30% malt whiskey mostly Speyside area with Abelour as a major contributor. One of the 15 most sold Scotch Whiskeys of the world.
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Cutty Sark 70 cl

Berry Bros. & Rudd
Traditional Scottish whiskey mid-range quality and price. It is composed of about twenty kinds of malts and grains unique premium area the River Spey, being matured for six years in the best barrels of American oak woods.
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Dewars White Label 70 cl

John Dewar & Son's Ltd
Handmade by first Master Blender Dewar, over a hundred years ago, Dewar's White Label scotch blend of subtlety and refinement unusual.
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Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky S.A.
Distilleries and Raising the Whiskey S.A. is a company created by entrepreneur Nicomedes García Gómez in 1958. The company carried out the construction of a distillery in Palazuelos de Eresma in Segovia (Spain) which started operating in February 1959. In March 1963 began to market the whiskey DYC. Production increased from one million to twenty million...

DYC 8 Years Old 70 cl

Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky S.A.
Each of its components separately have aged for a minimum of 8 years in American oak barrels. Its characteristic formula, which stays true throughout generations, gives prominence to the malts giving it a round and intense flavor.
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Famous Grouse 1L

Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd
The Famous Grouse Whiskey is a blended elaborate on Islay. It includes single malts in your mix as The Highland Park and The Macallan, along with other grain whiskeys. The way to the finish mixture is given an additional aging in wooden barrels Islay.
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Grants 1L

William Grant & Sons
Grants base is acclaimed grain whiskey "Girvan". lighter vacuum distilled at a low temperature for more delicate alcohol and is then aged in oak to deepen it, sweeten, add flavors fine fruit, creating a perfect partnership.
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J&B 70 cl

Justerini & Brooks
JB is a man selling more brands of the world and consumer-preferred unaged whiskey blended. Comprising a selection of 42 whiskeys of grain and malt Speyside, Islay, Highland and Lowland A unique flavor incónico product recognized around the world, fresh, fruity and slightly smoky
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Johnnie Walker Red Label 70 cl

John Walker & Sons
The Johnnie Walker Red Label and Red Label is not only the best selling whiskey family, but also worldwide, becoming the best selling Scotch whiskey worldwide. This blended whiskey is characterized by its traditional and distinctive flavor balanced and accentuated, a recipe that throughout history was improving with great respect, never change it.
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Jack Daniels Honey 70 cl

Jack Daniel's Distillery
Jack Daniels whiskey with Honey Liqueur. I sweet without becoming sticky, balanced with a precise amount of cinnamon and spices. We recommend serving it cold. Jack Daniel 's has connected all its ideals in this liquor and soon win a large number of followers who are already drinking or are willing to try new trends in spirits.
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Jack Daniels 70 cl

Jack Daniel's Distillery
Jack Daniels is made with a special charcoal filtering maple and aged in barrels of American white oak.
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Jameson 1L

Midleton distillery
Jameson Irish whiskey is mixed, first produced in 1780. Originally one of the four major Dublin whiskeys today is distilled in Cork, although the mix is ​​still taking place in Dublin. Triple distilled and aged in oak barrels that have contained Sherry, Bourbon and Port Wine
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Jim Beam 70 cl

Jim Beam
Jim Beam is one of the best known and sold worldwide bourbons. A yeast fermentation for more than 60 years old, one of the secrets of the brand is added. You aged for 4 years in barrels charred American white oak. Company run by 7 generations of the same family.
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John Player 1L

Longside Destillers
Fine Old is a remarkable introduction of whiskeys John Player, is ready to enjoy a mixture with mineral water, or dry ice. The mixture has a masculine and contemporary character, yet retains all the charm and mystery that is introduced in producing such a fine whiskey like this.
Loch Lomond Red 70 cl
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Loch Lomond Red 70 cl

Loch Lomond Distillery Co. Ltd.
Loch Lomond is a Single Red Blended, a very special whiskey and the malt and grain whiskeys that make up the blend comes exclusively from the distillery.
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Long John 70 cl

Long John
Long John whiskey contains a mixture of 48 malts, including Laphroaig and Highland Park. These malts definitely influence the distinctive flavor of this mixture.
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Makers Mark 70 cl

Destileria Samuels
For processing used clean water and clear leaky limestone, in batches of less than 19 barrels. A white oak barrels used once, they are rotated to ensure aging in the same way. red winter wheat is used, instead of the traditional rye, bitter.
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Passport Scotch 70 cl

William Longmore & Company
This distillery was founded in 1957 on the site of an old flour mill on the banks of the River Isla and was conceived as an experimental laboratory for Chivas. This Scotch is made with malts from the Highlands with more sweet and light of the Lowlands. Its bottle is unique, impactful and easily identifiable.

El whisky es una bebida mundialmente reconocida como el licor líder del mercado, debido a su elegancia, aroma y sabor. Suele degustarse bien frío con hielo y en un vaso de cristal transparente de vidrio. Si quieres conocer más sobre esta bebida alcohólica continúa leyendo.

Hablemos del whisky.

El whisky es una bebida alcohólica que se consigue a partir de la destilación de la malta fermentada de cereales como el trigo, maíz, centeno y la cebada. Este es un licor que suele añejarse en barriles de madera por mucho tiempo para potenciar su sabor.

El mínimo de reposo suele ser en un período comprendido entre los 2 y 3 años. Es importante destacar que el whisky no se añeja después de haber sido envasado, pues la única manera de que madure es en su respectivo barril.

Por otro lado, hay que mencionar que muchos fanáticos empedernidos de esta bebida suelen beberla bien fría con un poco de hielo o diluida con una cantidad mínima de agua. No obstante, hay quienes prefieren degustarla por sí sola a temperatura ambiente. Igualmente, hay otros que optan por los cócteles que tienen whisky en su composición.

Tipos y marcas de whisky:

En el Mercado hay numerosos tipos de whisky que vienen en diferentes marcas y presentaciones. Hasta el momento, solo hay 5 subgéneros de este licor, el primero es el whisky escocés (también conocido como Scotch), el cual se caracteriza por ser exclusivamente de Escocia, además de contar con una fermentación mínima de tres años.

En segundo lugar, tenemos el whisky irlandés (igualmente conocido como Irish whiskey), el cual se caracteriza por ser elaborado con una concentración alcohólica inferior a los 94,8% y una fermentación de 3 años en barricas. Al igual que el primer caso, este es exclusivo, pues solo se produce en Irlanda.

De tercero, tenemos al whisky canadiense o Rye, que se caracteriza por ser un whisky más suave, ya que tiene malta de centeno y un alto contenido de maíz en su composición. Debe ser envejecido por 2 años como mínimo en barricas de roble nuevo carbonizado.

El cuarto lugar, lo ocupa el whiskey de bourbon, el cual también se compone de centeno y maíz, pero en menor medida que el whisky Rye. Además, no incluye ningún tipo de colorante o aromatizante. Este suele ser envejecido en roble nuevo carbonizado y se fabrica en Estados Unidos, principalmente en el estado de Kentucky.

Por último, tenemos el Whiskey Tenesee, el cual destaca por filtrar el licor mediante un grosor considerable de carbón de arce sacarino, proceso conocido como “Charcoal Mellowing”. En cuanto a su sabor, es muy similar al de la línea bourbon.

Por otra parte, cabe destacar que las casas comerciales más reconocidas y de mayor prestigio que distribuyen este tipo licor para su venta son Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Ballantine´s, Crown Royal, Jamenson, Chivas, Grant´s y Suntory Kabukin.

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¡Disfruta del agua de vida!

¿Sabes por qué al whisky se le otorgó ese nombre? Se debe a que whiskey significa agua de vida dentro del vocablo gaélico escocés y el gaélico irlandés. ¡Increíble! El whiskey es vida, simplemente es un licor que no puede faltar en tu despensa de bebidas alcohólicas. Así que, ¿te animas a comprarlo en nuestra tienda?

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